I am so proud to say that this year I’ve won two national titles with the 11 year old Pentathlon (5 events) all while maintaining straight A’s in Honor classes. 

It is not an easy task but, with lots of discipline and planning it can get done.

I go hard with everything I do but, I go the hardest with my academics. I may take a break from sports and extra-curricular activities but, I NEVER take a break from my academics.

I started 6th grade in honor classes and knew the only way I would pull this off was by shutting everything out Monday-Sunday for 1.5 hours to strictly focus on academics. During my daily academic time, I do homework, study and organize my binder.

I study really, really hard and I don’t always get perfect grades but, I find ways to offset areas I may struggle with.

I’m a multi-eventer so I have to balance my academics with multiple track & field events. During the off season I’m balancing academics with volleyball, horseback riding, cooking etc.

Despite everything, I keep my academics and proper recovery time at the forefront and I am just so happy to see all my hard work pay off.

Message To Those I Inspire:

* Balance is very key*

Always remember academics is the other requirement for those looking to go pro. Athletic ability will not be enough, you must be well rounded athletically and academically.

Stay encouraged, you too can do it!